Part N° 158.335
5.3 OTS Series 3 (state colour) - 1971-1974 - perforated leather in central section - click view for more details

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  • Info: Full trim kit for LHD manual cars. Including the following parts: “A” Post panels, door panels ( less chrome finishers), upper door trim pad covers, trimming material for closing rebate panels, quarter panels, rear side panels, rear door panels for coupé’s, trimming material for rear cover panel, inner sill vinyl and foam kit, under dash hardura panels, under seat hardura, lower bulkhead moquette, wheel arch covers, carpet set, under-felt kit, seat retrim materials and centre console re-trim kit (not aluminium panels for early 3.8), luggage floor re-trim or boot re-trim, headlining kit for coupé’s, sun visor material for coupé’s, glove box pocket, carpet fittings. Below we list the colours as used originally relating to the manufacturing period. The complete details are very well described in “Original Jaguar E-Type” written by Philip Porter. This book will also clear up any grey areas regarding the central console and gearshift arrangements during the late series 1 and early Series 2 cars. 1961-1962: Red, Light blue, Dark Blue, Biscuit, Beige, Cream, Tan, Light Tan, Cream, Grey or Suede Green - 1963-1968: Red, Maroon, LightBlue, Dark blue, Beige, Tan, Light Tan, Grey, Black, Suede Green - 1968-1972: Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Beige, Grey, Suede Green, Cinnamon - 1972-1974: Red, Maroon, Russet Red, French Blue, Dark Blue, Biscuit, Tan, Olive, Moss Green, Cinnamon, Terracotta

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