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Castrol 20W/50 classic engine oil - 1L. - Click on details for more info

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  • Info: For pre-1980 Modern Classic Cars, Castrol Classic XL 20W/50 is a low detergent traditional multigrade engine oil, ideally sited to older technology modern classics. Compared to modern engines using sophisticated oil pumps to deliver higher pressures with low viscosity oils, modern classic vehicles have wider tolerances and require higher viscosity multigrade oils to operate at the optimun performance level. Castrol ClassicXL 20w/50 offers exellent oil consumption and a very high level of engine wear protection. Castrol Classic XL20w/50 engine oil is an conventional multigrade engine oil, ideally suited to older technology or high mileage modern Classic cars specificating an SAE 20W/50. Classic XL20W/50 contains a high quality base oil and includes additives specially formulated for classic vehicles. Benefits; Improved oil consumption and oil pres-sure, Reduced engine noise and Slower drain down when not in use.