Anglo Parts Mechelen

Anglo Parts - Official Dealer
Livange - Luxemburg

Official dealer: Motor-Service
Zone Industrielle
L-3378 Livange
Telephone: +352 518151-810
Fax: +352 518151-820

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday:
from 7.30 hrs. to 12.30 hrs and
13.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs.


A complete range of products and services.

Motor-Service has a tradition of over 30 years in repairing engines of all kind. Diesel Injection systems are another speciality of the company. Today, run by Claude and Olivier Georges, Motor-Service can offer a full garage service (maintenance and repair) for any collector car. Not limited to any brand and combined with the possibilities of Anglo Parts, Motor-Service can offer a maximum of care for British Classic Cars to make this passion as pleasant as it can possibly be.